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Re: hello, finally

Unread post by Icu4dzs » Mon Oct 14, 2019 6:32 pm

mtviolet1 wrote:
Fri Oct 11, 2019 11:28 pm
Doc I have missed you and the stories of the goings on with all your critters. How is WW? and the daughter? going to take some time to catch up with everyone.
Well, I've missed you TOO! |em8| Things here are going OK. I'm dealing with multiple legal issues, divorce among them. WW is doing well. DD1 is back with her mother till March 30. We'll see how she gets back here. The court order says she has to be here 6 months and there 6 months. (King Solomon anyone?)

The snow was horrendous. Started Thursday night and stopped some time Sunday night. Wind was bad the whole time.
I've been pretty depressed about a lot of this but in some way, my prayers appear to be reaching someone with some control over things and I am hoping that this is resolved soon and with a minimum of damage.

My llamas are doing something interesting. One of them doesn't come for "roll call" but does let me know she is alive. Not sure why she feels ostracized... I'm hoping she gets to eat because I don't go back to feed her by herself. I dont' know.

The cow is doing ok. SHe is giving me 1-1.25 gal/day which is enough for us. When dd1 was here we consumed a bit more and we do have one family with 4 kids who come to get 2 gallons once a week. The rest often goes to the hogs.

Hope you are doing well The hippy garlic came up good this year. Thanks for that.
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