Regenerative Agriculture - A Way to Make our World Better

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Regenerative Agriculture - A Way to Make our World Better

Unread post by Farmfresh » Tue Feb 25, 2020 1:12 pm

Talk about Home Improvement! How about something that can not only improve our homes, gardens and farms... this thing can improve the World! That thing is called Regenerative Agriculture.

Regenerative Agriculture, which is the process of using farm methods to gain lasting improvements, can take many forms. Planting cover crops, making compost or using deep mulch in a garden setting is one form. Those practices all add nutrients and organic matter to the soil and thus REGENERATE poor top soils into rich fertile growing mediums. Crop rotation, adding animal manures, compost teas, companion planting and hugelkultur are some of the other ways we can regenerate our soils and our gardens.

Some types of regenerative agriculture involves human labor and other types rely on using the innate talents of animal behavior to accomplish the goals. All types involve using vision and planning to a whole new level. Looking at a problem in a whole new way and combining science and nature to get results that we never before thought could be possible.

With regenerative agriculture we can bring gardens out of pasture lands, pasture lands out of wood lots and even improve our wood lots. Israel has brought farmland back from the desert and literally made the deserts bloom. It is an amazing thing. I thought a thread to discuss all things Regenerative Agriculture would be a good idea. A place to tell about our projects and share ideas.

Here are a couple of fun videos to get the ball rolling. Let's all think outside of the box!

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