Egg Rolls, Won Tons and even Wrappers

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Re: Egg Rolls, Won Tons and even Wrappers

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Yes, most GF recipes I looked at used a GF flour blend, but also included things like the xaur gum or whatever it's called and several other ingredients I am guessing would make it act more like an all purpose flour recipe. I was looking for something easy without all the extras. But of course, easy isn't always better. Thank you Patrice for chiming in, I knew if anyone would know it would be you on how GF ingredients work since you make alot of GF recipes.

But also, I was glad to find out the dough is similar enough to a pasta dough, though pasta uses more eggs and oil instead of water and the amounts may be a bit different. Either way, I wouldn't hesitate trying to use the same dough for egg rolls, won tons, and pasta. Atleast one time to experiment with it to see if it would work.

Pasta isn't something I've done yet and I should. It's been on my mind to make it, just haven't taken that step yet......other than having made wontons and the texture/consistency is similar enough. |em22|

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Re: Egg Rolls, Won Tons and even Wrappers

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Now for pasta I can actually be of help. I have a recipe that I used for years to make homemade egg noodles. It was Grandma Nettie's recipe. NOT gluten free, but delicious.

I can do a recipe thread for that if you would like.
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Re: Egg Rolls, Won Tons and even Wrappers

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Xanthan gum is added to gluten free flour to make the dough more pliable and less likely to dry out as quickly and crack.

Most store bought gluten free flour blends contain xanthan gum, I add it to my homemade mixture. For a while I couldn’t tolerate it but lately I’ve been okay with it.

It is important to use it otherwise you don’t get good results. It helps the flour blend hold moisture in.

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